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While many know of Burnley’s history as a cotton milling centre, the town’s record of excellence extends further back than even that.

During the medieval era, Burnley was a market town, holding a market for an astounding 700 years throughout this time, before turning to the cotton industry. Burnley’s name is derived from ‘Brun Lea’, one of the town’s most iconic rivers. It is our network of rivers that made the town so successful in cotton production, as these rivers were used to power the mills.

Burnley and a town and its people have always been quiet innovators, using the resources we have to hand to propel our town to the top of every industry or task we’ve set our collective sights on. From our starts as a market town, our famous history in cotton milling and our more recent successes in the areas of aerospace, engineering – and now the digital sector – Burnley is an axis of hungry innovation, incessant progression and constant excellence.


As recently as last year, the Financial Times named Burnley as one of the country’s top ‘tech towns’, in a Tech Nation report that showed how the UK’s tech industry outpacing the wider economy. The report acknowledged the contribution of both large and small towns and cities to the tech industry, and highlight Burnley along with towns like Livingston and Slough. To those with an interest in Burnley’s digital and tech sector, this revelation would have been no surprise, as in 2016 the town was praised for being the 2nd most successful town in the entirety of the UK for digital jobs growth.

Burnley is home to digital giants such as AMS Neve and BooHoo, both of which are town Bondholders. The Burnley Bondholders scheme has also played a huge part in the tech and digital triumphs seen by Burnley, with their funding and support for emerging businesses and dedication to seeing the town’s economy go from strength to strength a unique and invaluable resource that has had an incredibly positive impact on the town.


Founded by two Burnley Bondholders with a vision for an even more successful and thriving digital Burnley, The Landmark is here to provide the work environment, support and community that emerging or even established tech and digital businesses need in order to grow and succeed. The Landmark is a co-working space with a difference: we’re founded by industry veterans dedicated to helping our sector succeed.

Continue Burnley’s legacy of excellence and innovation and watch your business grow and flourish at The Landmark, Burnley’s most prestigious tech hub. Contact us for more information about our membership packages or visit us our stunning Grade II listed building at 1 School Lane, Burnley, BB11 1UF.