Liz Wilkinson – General Manager

As General Manager at The Landmark, Liz oversees the day to day running of the business. She’s in charge of marketing activities and looking after key partnerships with organisations like Barclays Eagle Labs.

With a background in media technology and marketing, she’s a communicator at the top of her game. Liz has qualifications from the University of Central Lancashire and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She honed those skills on the job with the internationally acclaimed AMS Neve where she progressed to communications manager in just a few years.

Liz’s role as General Manager at The Landmark means that she’s got a detailed knowledge of the whole operation. She’s been at the Landmark since the start having assisted the Director building the business from the ground up to the thriving community it is now.

When she’s not at work, Liz can often be found out in the countryside enjoying the beauty of rural Lancashire. She’s also a superb home cook and she loves listening to live music.

If you see her around and about don’t hesitate to stop her for a chat. She’s here to help and she can be contacted at The Landmark reception desk or via email:

Claire Rhodes – Manager

Claire joined The Landmark back in May 2019 to help with the development and growth of the business. She works with the General Manager and the Director to ensure the smooth running of the operation. Claire’s been there since the early stages of the business, so she’s built up a detailed working knowledge of all parts of the organisation.

Claire’s education and career history show that’s she’s a team player with the tenacity and determination to get things done. She’s got a great deal of experience in the arts and hospitality sector, having worked in customer facing roles and then in management positions. Her passion for performance arts led her to travel the world with ballet companies, theatre tours and luxury cruise liners. In those roles you have to be a great team worker, reliable and dependable, and that’s what Claire brings to The Landmark.

She’s also a fantastic organiser, and that’s why she’s involved with the ongoing restoration of the oldest part of the iconic Landmark building. Being grade 2 listed, it’s a job of national importance.

Outside of working hours, Claire’s interest in the arts continues. She loves the excitement of the theatre, and live music concerts – not surprising then that she also plays the piano. When she’s not enjoying the performance arts, she can also be found reading and building her brain power with challenging sudoku puzzles.

Contact Claire with your questions, queries and comments:

Dean Reader – Administrator

Dean is a key member of the team at The Landmark. He’s friendly, approachable, and there to help all the members of The Landmark Business Community.

Dean comes to The Landmark with an engineering background. He’s got a BSC in Automotive Engineering and nearly 10 years’ experience working in the prestigious Ford Motor Company. He worked in various engineering roles on some of Ford’s most important vehicles, the Transit van, Fiesta, and Puma. With a technical background in demanding roles like that, Dean’s the kind of man that gets things done. He takes a logical approach to whatever challenges present themselves and works through it till the end.

As the resident administrator, Dean provides general office support to The Landmark team. He’s often the first point of contact with the organisation and that’s why it’s so important to have a logical, organised brain to make sure information is passed on the right people and work progresses.

Feel free to contact Dean at any time for help, assistance, and customer service. His email address is:

Malea Vernon – Guest Services Assistant

Malea is Guest Services Assistant here at The Landmark. With more than half a decade in public facing roles, she’s an expert at providing customer service. She looks after all the members of our growing business community and she’s also a brand ambassador promoting The Landmark by liaising with potential new members.

Malea’s worked at top hotels in the area, quickly progressing from supervisor to coordinator, and on to management positions, all the while picking up the skills that would help her become a fantastic team member here at The Landmark.

A true multi-tasker, Malea is used to juggling the complex requirements of multiple clients and meeting tight deadlines – every time. She’s also studying for an honours degree in Psychology which helps her understand and quickly get to grips with the demands of any business or entrepreneur, no matter what the industry or sector.

Malea’s a people person with a sense of adventure. She thrives on social interactions, and when she’s not at work she likes to travel, seeking out new places and experiences.

As Guest Services Assistant, Malea is on hand to help you and your company settle into The Landmark business community.

Contact her via the reception desk or on email:

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