Dean is a key member of the team at The Landmark. He’s friendly, approachable, and there to help all the members of The Landmark Business Community.

Dean comes to The Landmark with an engineering background. He’s got a BSC in Automotive Engineering and nearly 10 years’ experience working in the prestigious Ford Motor Company. He worked in various engineering roles on some of Ford’s most important vehicles, the Transit van, Fiesta, and Puma. With a technical background in demanding roles like that, Dean’s the kind of man that gets things done. He takes a logical approach to whatever challenges present themselves and works through it till the end.

As the resident administrator, Dean provides general office support to The Landmark team. He’s often the first point of contact with the organisation and that’s why it’s so important to have a logical, organised brain to make sure information is passed on the right people and work progresses.

Feel free to contact Dean at any time for help, assistance, and customer service. His email address is: