Claire joined The Landmark back in May 2019 to help with the development and growth of the business. She works with the General Manager and the Director to ensure the smooth running of the operation. Claire’s been there since the early stages of the business, so she’s built up a detailed working knowledge of all parts of the organisation.

Claire’s education and career history show that’s she’s a team player with the tenacity and determination to get things done. She’s got a great deal of experience in the arts and hospitality sector, having worked in customer facing roles and then in management positions. Her passion for performance arts led her to travel the world with ballet companies, theatre tours and luxury cruise liners. In those roles you have to be a great team worker, reliable and dependable, and that’s what Claire brings to The Landmark.

She’s also a fantastic organiser, and that’s why she’s involved with the ongoing restoration of the oldest part of the iconic Landmark building. Being grade 2 listed, it’s a job of national importance.

Outside of working hours, Claire’s interest in the arts continues. She loves the excitement of the theatre, and live music concerts – not surprising then that she also plays the piano. When she’s not enjoying the performance arts, she can also be found reading and building her brain power with challenging sudoku puzzles.

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